Tombstone Tuesday: Got that Sinking Feeling?

Woodland Cemetery

Burlington, Halton Co, Ontario, CANADA

This stone is the burial location of my maternal grandmother’s parents — or my great-grandparents.  The picture was taken 17JUL2003.

I did not take a BEFORE picture (I should have), as the stone was (and probably is again) just under ground level, with grasses and moss growing over it.  A faint dirt ring still circles the stone face and the lettering at the edges are also filled with dirt.

The stone itself is a grey granite and has weathered the elements well, except for the grass overgrowth.  I hope to visit my family again in the next year or two, acquire some gardening tools from my sister-in-law and (possibly) re-set the stone.  If not, I’ll trowel a two inch border around the stone and fill it with white fish gravel — that should slow things down.

I hope.

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