Tombstone Tuesday: Through the Ages

I know there are some genealogists out there that read these occasional messes I attempt to pass off as blog posts.  This is for them:

Have you ever tried to piece together a blog of photographs of your previous generations using only their gravestone photographs?

I’ll start with my grandparents, as Mother would not be happy if I started with her and Dad (because she hasn’t left yet).


The grey granite on the left is located in a very small church graveyard in Niagara Co, Ontario.  The red granite to the right can be found in Ridgeway, Niagara Co, Ontario. Grace and James were my maternal grandparents.


This flat, grey granite is located in Hamilton, Wentworth Co, Ontario.


This stone is located in Hamilton, Wentworth Co, Ontario; same cemetery as above.



The red granite stone show two generations:  John & Elizabeth on the obverse; and their son, Thomas and his wife Bethia on the reverse.  The stone is located in St, Phillip’s Cemetery, in Weston, York County, Ontario.

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