Tombstone Tuesday – Forest Lawn Cemetery, Erie Co, NY

This find was a goldmine:

The stone was originally listed as ATKINSON, but BEYER was added later.

Close ups for the four burials listed:

And that makes up the front of the stone, but if you wander to look at the back…

Four more burials are listed, but unfortunately, I have only three photos (sometime ago I lost one):

The last burial was Fred’s wife, Amelia who died 1967.

Now, how does everyone connect?

Ralph, was a son of Albert & Harriett.  Ralph, like his father Albert, was a dental surgeon.

Fern, was a daughter of Albert & Harriet. She married William BEYER, a lawyer and 32nd degree Freemason!

Charles & Lillian LINDEMANN were Harriet’s parents — Harriett of course married the dental surgeon named Albert.

That leaves Fred & Amelia PISKE.  Fred was also a Freemason like William BEYER.  Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how the two of them fit in.  Fred died in 1927 while his wife, Amelia died in 1967, both in Buffalo, NY.

Does anyone out there have a piece to my puzzle?

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