War of the Roses

It was early December 2007,when I received an interesting e-mail from a kindly but persistent woman who “found a serious flaw” in my online notes.

After a couple of exchanges, I knew we were related, but it was a bit … fun … explaining that the Rose that she spoke of in her e-mails was not the same one I was referring to in my notes.

Her Rose was married with children, while my Rose was an unwed spinster; but, the interesting thing was that both of these young Roses were approximately the same age and related to each other … they were cousins, just like Kathy and I!  I think I used a diagram like this one, but it was a little cruder.


That was easy, wasn’t it?  Unless, you remember the name BRUNSKILL … Thomas #1’s sister Mary married a BRUNSKILL, then she married a SHAW and (possibly) a SOLTON …. “Liz Taylor of the 1840s  or a Red Light Mamahttp://yourrootsareshowingdearie.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=348&action=edit

If you think that was confusing, don’t read my next post … it’s does get worse 😀


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