Art to Die For? Artistic Headstones

Gravestones have changed drastically since I was young.  Stop to think about it … so have cemeteries.  Not those big huge city ones, I’m taking about those small, rural ones that are visible from the highway when driving by, and inaccessible at 100kmph due to the ninety degree right turn you need to make to reach the old wrought-iron gates.  I drove by three of these cemeteries on my six hour drive to the AGS Branch in Fort McMurray.

Can you imagine not hitting the turn properly, your vehicle ends end up either nose down or back-end down in the culvert ditches located on either side of the gravel roadway that leads to the cemetery entrance — not that I’ve done it!  I have pulled over onto the unpaved shoulder and walked back. 🙂

I am glad that I do, these little cemeteries have the most charming and characteristic old-style stones:  the lowing lambs, the index fingers pointing skyward, clasped hands, and images of angels, but every now and then there are a couple surprises: like a fourteen point buck standing among evergreen trees (an engraved image not the real thing), steaming locomotives or weeping angels.

As soon as I find my pictures …

What unique images have you found in your treks?

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