Bury Me Out On the Lone Prairie

I referred earlier to my presidential trip (in September) to the southern end of Alberta to visit the Alberta Genealogical society (AGS) Branches in Brooks and Medicine Hat.

Leanne Balfour is a member of Medicine Hat AGS and the editor of the Branch newsletter SAAMIS SEEKER.  She provided me with the following pictures and the supporting documentation.

Simon Jacob TROSTLE (born 1852) and his wife Susan [nee BOYER] (born 1856) owned a patch of land labelled Parcel 2, SE 1/4 Section 6, Township 31, Range 10, Meridian W4.  (Vol.959, Folio 6, Microfilm Reel #6714).

On March 20, 1912, Susan put her husband to rest in a homestead burial; but less than five months later (August 19, 1912), Susan buried her granddaughter, Nellie GARLOCK.

Three days later (August 22, 1912), Nellie’s death made front page news out of province in the MANITOBA FREE PRESS — she had committed suicide.  She was 15!  (Column 6, 2nd last from right)

There are two equally sad versions of this young girl’s lament:

[1] Nellie was in love with a married man, who would not leave his wife; and,

[2] Nellie’s parents did not approve of the man she wanted to marry.

But an interesting piece of information, I located was the land parcel descriptions of Simon Trostle and that of his two neighbours.

Unfortunately, all this excitement was too much for Susan (BOYER) TROSTLE.  She died October 30, 1916.  She is buried on the TROSTLE property with her husband Simon and granddaughter Nellie.

Graveyard Rabbits, who eat all their carrots, will easily notice the hand-stamped plate in the center of the left photograph and the close-up in the right photograph.

The plate was made not very long ago and the ground within the framework, still maintains the slight shapes of the burial mounds.

Good luck in searching out the rest of the story, Leanne.

I cannot wait for the next chapter!

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