Military Monday: Troop B, 3 Cav — What are you doing up here?

A couple of weeks ago, I spent three days travelling in the southern reaches of Alberta.  I visited two branches of the Alberta Genealogical Society:  Medicine Hat and Brooks.  You do things like that, when you are the Society President.

My first day was in Medicine Hat and I’ll share more of the visit in future posts, but I will start with this one.

It was the morning of Day Two, and I was preparing to leave for my visit to Brooks, when I stopped at Hillside Cemetery, located across the street from the Medicine Hat AGS meeting place — how more convenient can that be?

I had taken a quick wonder through the cemetery the day before with member Kathy Gleisner, when this stone caught my eye.  I just had to come back and get a picture of it.

From the Hillside Cemetery in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

Troop B 3 Cav

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