Not Again


What do you do when you see this?  What more can you do but cry?
To lose him once was painful, but to lose him again … why?


  1. My father took photos of all the gravestones he could find for family members. He put the photos along with a photocopy or the original of the obituary and a photo of the person into an album. He learned one of his relatives, referred to by most as “the man grandma married” to indicate their displeasure with him, never had a headstone to mark his grave. And that the man was buried outside the walls of the cemetery instead of within them. So Dad ordered a headstone and placed it within the walls where he felt the body should have been buried. Most who knew the reasons for the animosity were long gone at that point.

    1. Displeasure and Disapproval. Two terrible visitors that ruin Happiness for far longer than they are welcome.
      Your father was very resourceful. I tip my hat to him! 🍀🐰

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