Forgotten Cemeteries

This is so depressing:  with four (lucky) rabbit’s feet, I still end up late for the March 2011 Carnival topic.  The deadline was a week ago (Feb 25th).  So, I am too late to participate officially, but un-officially … I’ll blog it 🙂

These three beautiful pictures were sent to me by my Calgary cousin, Linda Miller.  They are of an abandoned cemetery near Bolton, Ontario, Canada.   She was visiting the local cemeteries in the area to photograph gravestones for our genealogy notes and research.


The tipped stone memorializes James AUSTIN who died May 24th, 1863 at 84 years; making his birth year approximately 1779!  It is very unfortunate that this burying ground is almost lost, unkept and uncared for.

It is historical importance slipping away and it is due to nothing but pure ignorance.

My Ontario cousin, Barbara Barr, pointed out that there are many genealogists and historians that want to protect these abandoned and neglected cemeteries. They are petitioning the provincial government, again, to save these fines pieces of heritage. There are approximately 1600 known unregistered cemeteries in the province of Ontario alone.

In Alberta there are 1566 registered cemeteries, and “numerous cemeteries around the province that are no longer used, but a specific number is not available.” — Quoted from Govt e-mail

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